Test Section

Semi-span Model in Test Section

View Downstream with Full-span Model *)

The test section is the “heart” of the wind tunnel where the model to be tested is located.

The dimensions of the test section of ETW are:

  • Height 2.0 m
  • Width 2.4 m
  • Length 9.0 m

For these test section dimensions, a typical full-span aircraft model would have a wingspan of about 1.6 m, while half models, which are attached with their half fuselage at the top wall of the test section, can have a semi-span of about 1.3 m.

Optical access to the test section for various cameras and light sources is provided through 90 special windows in all walls.

Semi-span Model in Test Section

View Upstream with Full-span Model

Downstream of the test section is the adjustable second throat,
designed to minimize flow disturbances propagating upstream and to provide highly accurate Mach number control during tunnel operation at Mach numbers between 0.7 and 1.0.

*) Copyright by Thomas Ernsting & Ferchau.