Data Systems and Instrumentation

Based on OpenVMS hardware and software the ETW data acquisition systems have been developed in a way which ensures the strictest confidentiality of test results and yet maintains the flexibility clients require of an industrial wind tunnel.

ETW has the unique advantage that the signal conditioning equipment and the data acquisition computer are located in an Instrumentation Cabin that sits on top of the model cart. This ensures that the same equipment is used for both the preparation and the testing of the model. So from preparing the model in the Cart Rigging Bays (CRB), checkout in one of the Variable Temperature Conditioning Rooms (VTCR) to testing in the tunnel, continuity of the sensor conditioning and data acquisition chain is ensured.

All force and moment channels and other critical sensors are conditioned by dedicated Conditioning Units which incorporate individual Analogue to Digital Converters, thus eliminating any data skew and restriction of sampling rates. As well as the digitized output a buffered analogue output is available to connect to other measurement equipment if required.

The acquisition system is continually expanded and developed to meet the requirements of the clients.