Services & Systems


ETW Floor Map

ETW can provide up to three Clients with complete privacy at any one time for all aspects of wind tunnel testing and the associated data processing. Each user is allocated a set of three rooms: a model preparation room, a cart rigging bay (CRB) and a data analysis room.

User Room for Data Analysis

In these rooms the Client can undertake the model preparation, rigging, ambient temperature check-out, cart installation and data analysis in complete confidentiality. These rooms are for Client use only, for the full duration of the test. Access to these rooms, and others in the facility, is controlled by the use of magnetic cards.

ETW is dedicated to protect all Client data from disclosure and misuse and is ensuring this through personnel, physical, logical and procedural measures. On the technical side, the prime elements of security are physical and logical separation of data and access control on a strict need-to-know basis.

Further details of our security systems are provided on Client's request.