First Full-Model Test of a Remote Control Aileron at Cryogenic Conditions

Enabling handling-quality testing at true flight conditions.

Robust remote control movables at full-model scale are essential to achieve a step change in productivity in ETW’s cryogenic operating environment. A patented concept now enables efficient performance and handling-quality testing at true flight conditions.

A team of experts from Deharde GmbH and ETW targeted the application of remote controls for an aileron installed on a high-speed full-model. This device has been designed to be adjusted wind-off in the test section at cryogenic and pressurised conditions over the complete range of deflections encountered at high-speed conditions – no transport or manual rigging efforts needed. Subsequently, the new position is locked for wind-on testing. A first test series in 2020 successfully demonstrated this capability on a representative full model at transonic Mach numbers, and at conditions representative of flight Reynolds numbers. The tests included two deflected aileron settings together with a datum-undeflected configuration.

You may benefit from this capability by ordering one-stop shop service at ETW including model design, manufacturing, rigging and operational support from Deharde GmbH, Varel, Germany.

The concept developed here complements the outcome of a separate project, which was conducted in cooperation with Boeing and harnessed their patented Shape-Memory Alloy (SMA) technology to control spoiler or aileron settings on their B-787 half model. Both projects are based on distinct design concepts but aim for the same: Boost the productivity of wind tunnel testing at true flight conditions and help to accelerate aerospace R&D towards zero emission aviation.

The German Aerospace Industries Association BDLI has reported about the concept as the Innovation of the Week CW51/2020 (in German).

This development received funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy LuFo V-2/2015-2019 under grant agreement no 20Q1501B.