ETW is “the best wind tunnel in the world”, “most capable facility that we have ever used”, it “allows to bridge the gap between wind tunnel & flight”

ETW - The Leading Quality of Wind-Tunnel Testing

for Airplane Manufacturers and Aeronautical Researchers from all over the World.

The European Transonic Wind Tunnel, ETW, in Cologne, Germany, is a European Research Organisation and operates the most modern aeronautical wind-tunnel infrastructure in the world; a unique test facility for research and development of new aircraft. The aircraft manufacturers from all over the world use the special features of this high technology facility enhancing the economic and environmental friendliness of their products and attaining the aimed climate protection goals. European researchers and engineers harness ETW’s capabilities for advancing aeronautical science into aircraft innovation by accessing real-flight conditions in this cutting edge ground-test laboratory.

ETW complements the capabilities of DNW-LLF and ONERA-S1MA, and is a strategic European wind tunnel according to ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research and Innovation in Europe).

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ETW provides similar testing capabilities like the NASA National Transonic Facility NTF.